How to express dimensions with faire/être


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24 October 2016

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How to express dimensions with faire/être

As you explain, it is either 1. faire + value + de + dimension (noun) 2. être + de + dimension (adjective) + value You say ...faire 1 m de profondeur. But you also say ...faire 1 m de long Isn't "longeur" the noun for length and "long/ue" the adjective? So why is it not "...faire 1 m de longeur" instead of "1 m de long"? To me this looks like expressing depth works different from all other dimensions. -- Chris.

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24 October 2016


Bonjour Claus !

Indeed, while you would use "de long / de large / de haut", for depth you use the noun "de profondeur".
Note that the forms "de hauteur, de longueur, de largeur" can also be used (though less commonly), however you can never say "de profond".
Thanks to you, I've updated the lesson to reflect these nuances.
Merci et à bientôt !

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