At Uncle Robert's 70th birthday

"Aux 70 ans de Tonton Robert"
French C1 writing exercise

Laura catches up with her cousin Charlotte at a family event.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "a business trip", "to postpone", "the signing", "to move [an appointment] forward", "What's the situation with...?", "in any case", "a test [as part of a series]", "Aunty".

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- Hi Charlotte! I didn't know you'd be here today! - Yes, at first, we were not supposed to be able to come because Xavier had a business trip he couldn't postpone. But in the end, the clients asked for the signing of the contract to be moved forward, so all's well that ends well! So and you, what's the situation with your studies? - Don't remind me! In any case, whether I'm ready or not, the first tests start in less than three weeks. Let's just say that I'll be happy when I'm done with all that! - Do you know what we're doing once everyone's arrived? - Yes, Aunty Jeanne would like us all to go to the living-room so that she can light the candles and bring the cake!

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