A horrible storm!

"Une horrible tempête !"
French C1 writing exercise

Julien remembers spending a horrible night due to a violent storm.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to recall being", "deafening", "to roar (wind)", "might (strength)", "a door hinge", "to creak", "to secure [something]", "a shutter (window)", "partly", "to rip [something] from [something]", "to clatter (shutter)", "at dawn", "damage", "to be uprooted", "to be strewn with", "to shiver (fear)".

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When I was eighteen years old, I recall being woken up by my father in the middle of the night. You could hear deafening noises outside and the wind was roaring with such might! The hinges of the old front door were creaking louder than ever. Although my dad and I had spent time securing the shutters that afternoon, the gusts of wind were so strong that they partly ripped the shutters from the wall! We could hear them clattering violently until the storm had passed. At dawn, my dad and I had ventured outside in order to check if there was any extra damage. Many trees had been uprooted by the wind and the ground was strewn with broken branches. When I think about that night, it always makes me shiver!

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