Léna's family

"La famille de Léna"
French A1 writing exercise

Meet Léna's close family.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "retired (job)", "to live [somewhere]", "affectionate", "gardening (activity)", "chatty", "sociable", "to organise", "a barbecue", "to study", "the university", "to get along well", "funny (person)".

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My parents Isabelle and Jean-Luc are retired and they live in Gallardon, in France. My mother is very affectionate and she likes gardening. My father is quite chatty and sociable, and he loves organising (some) barbecues. I also have a brother and a sister. My sister's name is Gabrielle and she's studying at Tours's university. My brother Mathis is ten years old and we get along really well. He's so funny!

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