Easter in France
French writing exercise

Pâques en France

Learn more about how French people celebrate Easter.

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "Easter", "Easter Monday", "a bank holiday [US: public holiday]", "a X-day weekend", "some families", "Easter Sunday", "mass (church)", "to share a meal", "traditionally", "lamb (food)", "to bring [something]", "bells (church)", "Happy Easter!".

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In France, we celebrate Easter. Easter Monday is a bank holiday [US: public holiday], so French people have a three-day weekend. Usually, families gather on Easter Sunday. In the morning, some families go to mass. Children look for chocolate eggs, then everyone shares a nice meal. Traditionally, we eat lamb for Easter. And who brings Easter eggs? In France, bells bring chocolate eggs into children's gardens. Happy Easter everyone!