Eating healthily

Say what is more or less healthy to eat/drink, and talk about your food habits


Bien Well
Un jus de fruits A juice
Un soda A soda
L'alcool Alcohol
Trop de Too much of
Un peu de A bit of
La quantité The quantity
La qualité The quality
La nourriture The food
Les aliments Food
Car For (because)
Plus More
Moins Less
Sain Healthy
Gras Fat
Raisonnable Reasonable
Sucré Sugary
Mal Badly
Sainement Healthily
Le déjeuner Lunch
Le dîner Dinner
Le repas The meal
Le sel The salt
Les légumes Vegetables
Beaucoup de A lot of
C'est It is
Parce que Because
Boire To drink
Manger To eat
Faire attention (à) To pay attention (to)
à midi At noon
Le petit-déjeuner Breakfast
Grignoter To have a snack
Le sucre The sugar


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