At the shops

Ask and tell prices in French and choose a way to pay.


Zéro Zero
Quarante Forty
Dix-sept Seventeen
Cinquante Fifty
Dix-huit Eighteen
Soixante Sixty
Dix-neuf Nineteen
Soixante-dix Seventy
Vingt Twenty
Quatre-vingt Eighty
Vingt et un Twenty-one
Quatre-vingt-dix Ninety
Vingt-deux Twenty-two
Cent One hundred
Vingt-trois Twenty-three
Vingt-quatre Twenty-four
Vingt-cinq Twenty-five
Vingt-six Twenty-six
Vingt-sept Twenty-seven
Vingt-huit Twenty-eight
Vingt-neuf Twenty-nine
Trente Thirty
Seize Sixteen
Quinze Fifteen
Un One
Deux Two
Trois Three
Quatre Four
Cinq Five
Six Six
Sept Seven
Huit Eight
Neuf Nine
Dix Ten
Onze Eleven
Douze Twelve
Treize Thirteen
Quatorze Fourteen
Trente et un Thirty-one
C'est combien ? How much is it?
Combien ça coûte? How much is it?
Ça coûte It costs
Un euro A euro
Un cent A cent (a penny)
Le billet Bill / note
La pièce The coin
Payer en espèces To pay cash
Payer par carte To pay by card
La monnaie Change
Je voudrais I would like
La carte de crédit The credit card
Bonjour Hello
Au revoir Goodbye
Merci Thank you


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