Describing other people's personality

Describe someone else's personality with simple adjectives and adverbs


Comment est-il? What is he like?
Sympa Nice
Très Very
Travailleur Hard working (masculine)
Assez Quite
Plutôt Rather
Timide Shy
Un peu A bit
Généreuse Generous (feminine)
Vraiment Really
Généreux Generous (masculine)
Paresseuse Lazy (f)
Paresseux Lazy (m)
Sportive Sporty (feminine)
Sportif Sporty (masculine)
Intelligente Intelligent (feminine)
Intelligent Intelligent (masculine)
Gentille Kind (feminine)
Gentil Kind (masculine)
Drôle Funny
Bavarde Chatty (feminine)
Bavard Chatty (masculine)
Travailleuse Hard working (feminine)


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